Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 14: Read 1K Write 1K Challenge Slurps On

Serving Up Success, One Slurp (err...Page) 
at a Time on Day 14

"I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done."--Stephen Wright


What I'm writing?

Book: The Cable
Starting Point: Page 101
Today's total word count: 2680

What I'm reading?

Book:  California Demon by Julie Kenner
Starting Point: Chapter Four
2 Chapters Completed: Yes
Today's Book Note: Instruction Manual for Wii for kids--this definitely counts as painful reading time!

Kerri's Progress Notes:

Had a rough weekend with the sick kid and having to hobble through a Youth group party and a picnic for hubby's work.  I'm exhausted and Sunday was a rain all day, kids stuck inside, hubby out of town exhaustion fest.  But I managed to squeeze in my words by pawning the kids off on a Wii.  Bad mommy, Happy writer!

Hope you all had a great weekend.


Barbara said...

Still here!
Writing Spring Eternal. Today, since it was Sunday, I indulged myself a bit and wrote some on another story that's also pretty far progressed. Vampires!
Friday: Don't ask.
Saturday: 1060
Sunday: 2340
Reading: 6 chapters today on Three To Get Deadly, Janet Evanovich.

All caught up! :)

Jordan said...

Book: Untitled
Starting Point: 25,000
Today's total word count: 27,00 (roughly)

What I'm reading?
Book: The Selection by Keira Cass
Starting Point: Chapter Two
2 Chapters Completed: N/A
Today's Book Note: N/A

Aidee Ladnier said...

What I'm writing?

Book: The Cabinet of the Dead
Today's total word count: 1056
Progress Notes: I worry that my characters don't appear attracted enough to one another. Oh well, something to fix in editing.

What I'm reading?

Book: Across the East River Bridge by Kate McMurray
1K Completed: Yes!
Book Note: I love the trope of enemies trapped together in a haunted house!

Sally Christie said...

Hot off my finger tips I have 14,156 words.

Still reading the same novel.

Pretty full of my own self for keeping up.

Sally says don't touch anything sharp.

The Book Boost said...


Vampires are hot. I hear you on Friday. No one asked but I told anyway. Love Evanovich. Laugh out loud.


There you are! Missed you. Your word count continues to shock me. Fabulous.


Oooh...a different project. This cabinet sounds creepy. Count me in!


Your fingers must be literally on fire. Well done!

Cynthia said...
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Cynthia said...

Book: Emma Whitewood (working title)
Today's total word count: 0

I didn't do any writing today because I realized I had a plot problem. It is a problem that affects the entire book. So after some initial panic and telling myself that I can figure this out, I've been taking time to do some research and hopefully, work things out.

I think this is where being a pantser vs a plotter can be a disadvantage. To get to 11,000 words and realize I may have a significant problem is harder to fix in prose than it would be in an outline.

So my plan this week is to continue writing while working out the rest of my plot. At this stage I am feeling that having a plan will help.

Book: The Dark. Lady
2 Chapters Completed: Yes
Today's Book Note: Safe for the moment.

The Book Boost said...


Yes, planning can be good and it may be the method for you but be sure you get a scene in mind and work on it while you plot out other scenes. Don't spend too much time planning and no time writing.

I know you can do this. I believe in you!

The Book Boost said...

I'm going to close the comments on Day #14.