Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 7: Read 1K Write 1K Challenge Counts On

Losing Count Into Day 7

If you write one story, it may be bad; if you write a hundred, 
you have the odds in your favor.
- Edgar Rice Burroughs


What I'm writing?

Book: The Cable
Starting Point: Page 101
Today's total word count: 606

What I'm reading?

Book:  California Demon by Julie Kenner
Starting Point: Chapter Four
2 Chapters Completed:No
Today's Book Note:Nada

Kerri's Progress Notes:

It is easy to lose count these days when my writing has been so up and down sporadic.  I'm either having really good days (see Day #6 for me) or really bad days (see Day #5 for me).  But, I'm getting it done for the over-all totals.

If you're finding it tough to keep up--just try to get in 100 words or 500 words.  Any progress you make is better than none and will motivate you to keep going when you feel the urge to give up.

We have our first WINNER today.  I've drawn a winner's name from all the folks who have been keeping up with the challenge.  The winner will receive a copy of the "You Know You're a Writer When..." book.  Click here to see the prize.

Please contact me here with your snail mail address.

AND THE WINNER IS...........AIDEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep up the great work and you might be next!


Jordan said...

What I'm Writing?
Book: Untitled
Starting Point: 20,000 words (roughly)
Today's total word count: 1,000 = 21,000 (roughly)

What I'm reading?
Book: Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
Starting Point: Chapter Four (Page 110)
2 [Edit: 1] Chapters Completed: Yes
Today's Book Note: I only read one chapter because there are only twenty chapters and the book is 422(pages.) I finally put My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick down... I have to step away from that book for a while. It was slow!

I was hoping it would pick back up. I read some great reviews about it on Goodreads but it was very disappointing. I dunno. Maybe it just caught me on a bad day!


Aidee Ladnier said...

What I'm writing?

Book: The Meteorological Thaumaturgist
Today's total word count: 1031
Progress Notes: The title is kind of growing on me.

What I'm reading?

Book: Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon by Mark Hodder
1K Completed: Yes!
Book Note: Creepy plant people are creepy.

Barbara said...

What I'm writing: Spring Eternal, Part 3 of a series, 1213 words.

What I'm reading: Marcia Muller: The Dangerous Hour (2 chapters-done).

Still standing! ;)

Sally Christie said...

7183, today. I am keeping up, anyway. The bad guy in my novel is after the one who got away and has started a long drive to Montana. He had stalked her before and and she almost killed him.

She discovered a body near a deer trail and took cops back to see it and the department shared her name with the Newspaper and now the stalker thinks this was a gift.

The book I am reading goes on. I do not remember how much further I got, last night. I'll have to check but I bet I met the word count.

Don't touch anything sharp!


Linda Bell said...

What are you writing?

No words, today. But got good insights into PP 1.

What are you reading?

3 stories from Universe Horribilis (Third Flatiron Anthologies) -- this is a good anthology.

Est word count: 3,000.

Beth Caudill said...

Not much success at hitting that 1000 word count but I did sit and try for several hours this weekend.


Writing Book - Starlight Treasures
Words - 348

Reading Book - A Seal's Seduction
Chapters - Read the whole ebook - free Harlequin Blaze


Writing Book - Starlight Treasures
Words - 368
Having a rough time with this scene but moving along slowly.

Reading Book - A Seal's Surrender
Chapters - Read complete ebook

After reading 1st book had to have the second book. These are Harlequin category books and don't take me long to read.

Lynnette Labelle said...
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Lynnette Labelle said...

Congrats, Aidee. :)

Weekends are always hard for me, and this one was no exception. When we were home, we spent the time "dehoarding" our home and getting things ready for a spring garage sale. Plus, we spent some much needed quality time with the twins. As long as I can write five days a week, I'll be happy, especially considering until recently, I hadn't even been writing monthly. :(

Should be able to get back on track today.

Cynthia said...

Book: Emma Whitewood (working title)
Today's total word count: 0 :(

Book: New book That Scandalous Summer by Meredith Duran
2 Chapters Completed: Prologue and part of chapter 1
Today's Book Note: Heroine is found.

Party is done today and clean up afterward. Ready to start writing again this week.

The Book Boost said...


Reading a book that is slow and recognizing that it made you put it down is a good lesson for your own work. When you go back and edit--take a close look at your pacing. Very important stuff. And woot on the word count!


You had me at Meteorological. :-p
Squee on the word count!


You're standing tall, my friend. Standing tall. Yippee!


You are the bomb, girlfriend! Very impressive stuff. Wowza!

@Linda Bell~

Hang in there. We all have days like that. Pick it back up today and push on through.


I like the idea of a free book and there are so many out there. So, why do I keep buying more than I could ever possibly read? I think I might have an addiction. Yikes! But you did make some progress and you're making time to read. All is good.


You make a good point. Hubby thinks I should really focus on treating my writing like a day job and put it aside on the weekends. I do this some of the time but can't stop the creative juices once they are flowing. You are keeping up with the challenge beautifully. Do what you need to do.


I really had to force myself to get in those words yesterday and still didn't make the total count. Might have been delayed by the rare nap I took, but boy did I need it. Pick it up and start fresh today. You can do it!

Aidee Ladnier said...

Thanks so much Kerri!!! I so excited about winning.

The Book Boost said...


You are so welcome. The prize will ship out on Wednesday. And, just realized you live like 1 hour from my house. Did you know we were both in AL? Awesome!

The Book Boost said...

I'm closing comments for Day #7.