Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 9: Read 1K Write 1K Challenge Munches On

Sweet Success on Day 9

“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison


What I'm writing?

Book: The Cable
Starting Point: Page 101
Today's total word count:200

What I'm reading?

Book:  California Demon by Julie Kenner
Starting Point: Chapter Four
2 Chapters Completed:No
Today's Book Note:N/A

Kerri's Book Progress Notes:

Not getting in the fun, free reading time I'd like to.  Caught on some professional editing deadlines that are suddenly piling up and doing a lot of reading there.  Really need to find some more leisure reading time.  Will do better this week!

Getting in my writing word count for the most part and glad to see so many of you sticking with the challenge.  Tomorrow marks one third the way through!  Can you believe it?

Back tomorrow for another update.  Keep those fingers cranking.


Jordan said...

What I'm writing?

Book: The Cable
Starting Point: 21,000 (Roughly)
Today's total word count: 24,000 (Roughly) for a total of 24,314

What I'm reading?
Book: The Selection by Kiera Cass
Starting Point: Chapter Two
2 Chapters Completed: N/A
Today's Book Note: I did not have time to read. I am playing catch up for the next couple of days. Today I should be at 27,000 words... oh well. It'll happen. (Glass half full!)


Jordan said...

Sorry, I copied Kerri's post... I forgot to post:

Book: Untitled

Sorry Kerri!

Sally Christie said...

I almost didn't get it done. But here it is 9:57 my time. Well, later, now.

I have 9,307 words. The world has turned pretty frightening for my antag.

I've been reading the same book. Still want to go to South America. It probably got up to 38 here, today.

While I was checking a newspaper on my Kindle it let me know that one of my favorite NF authors had not one but two books out.

Now, I am going to email her and suggest she take better care of her fan. :) I would have chosen on of her books for this challenge.

So, I am going to take out my contact lenses. Kennel the dog, turn off the tortoise lights and go read.

Don't touch anything sharp.


Aidee Ladnier said...

Barely squeaked by before midnight today...

What I'm writing?

Book: Rappacini Veiled
Today's total word count: 1017
Progress Notes: Working title on another novel. It's okay to jump around on projects, isn't it -- as long as we write at least 1K?

What I'm reading?

Book: Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon by Mark Hodder
1K Completed: Yes!
Book Note: I love the image of a red-haired poet riding a horse with rifle slung over his back and holding an umbrella over his head.

Teresa Reasor said...

Did 1349 words yesterday and read a little of the Lebanese Connection. This is not light reading but I'm trying to get a feel for Drug Cartels and smuggling and how it affects governments in 3rd world countries.
Teresa Reasor

Cynthia said...

Book: Emma Whitewood (working title)
Today's total word count: 105

Book: New book That Scandalous Summer by Meredith Duran
2 Chapters Completed: No. One chapter read.
Today's Book Note: I am not liking the heroine in this story but I am only at the very beginning.

My writing is not going as well this week. I spent part of the evening reviewing a chapter for my critique partner which took some time.

Lynnette Labelle said...

Day 9:
What I'm writing?
Today's total word count: 575

What I'm reading?
Chapters Completed: ch. 15

Not as good as yesterday, but at least I got some words down. Yay!

I hear you on the editing projects, Kerri. I have projects booked every day, but lately, I've gotten quite a few drop-ins for query letter and synopsis critiques. It's so hard to say no, because I love my work. :)

Lynnette Labelle

The Book Boost said...


Hey, I'm with you. Don't have as impressive as a word count as you do, but I've let my reading slide a little in place of writing time. And no problem on the copied book title. I didn't even notice. LOL


But you did! You impressively did it, even. I'm jealous. We're already having 85 degree days down here and I'm not really loving it. Miss my 60 and 70 degree weather. Bugs are finding their way out and about. Ugh!


I'm mailing your goodie this afternoon. Hope you like it. Will e-mail you when it goes out. It is totally fine to jump projects--as far as I'm concerned. The book image from your reading pages sound hilarious!


Good stuff on your end. Well, the reading material sounds dark, but as long as you don't give up writing for a life of crime--I'm down with it. :-)


The week is young still...try to create a new character or plug in a scene that is out of character for your plot. Switching things up might get you motivated to move things forward. Just a suggestion.


I'm the same way. I've taken on a lot of projects and they are very important to me because I know how the writers feel about their book babies. Need to devote quality time to those but still find time for my own babies. Ya know? You are doing great on the challenge. Always happy to read your updates!

Linda Bell said...

What am I writing?

I did a Tarot spread for Sidonia, book 2 & wrote a blog about it.

1029 words

What am I reading?

The inside of my eyelids. -0- words.

Teresa Reasor said...

I wrote 1610 words today. And read several blogs and articles today.
Teresa R.

The Book Boost said...

@Linda Bell~

Yay on the word count! I read the inside of my eyelids as much as I can. Unfortunately the kids don't like it when I do that!


You rock...as usual!

The Book Boost said...

I'm going to close the comments on Day #9.