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Sink or Swim with Guest Blogger: Berengaria Brown

 Chat with Erotic Romance Author 
Berengaria Brown 
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You can’t close the Aquatic Center. I’m writing a book!

One of the topics suggested for April was a crisis we’ve faced. There have been all sorts of crises in my life. Like the night the boss was coming to dinner and when I opened the oven door to check how the meat was doing, the oven door fell off. Of course I had to wait until the oven cooled down before I could reattach it, and by that time the meat was looking very sad. Yes, I ended up chopping it into small bits and cooking it in the microwave, but I was panicking there for a while, and I had to change my clothes since they were grease spattered by the time the oven door was reattached. Oh yes, and my kitchen looked like a tornado had been through it, too. Which was totally NOT the image I’d hoped to present.

From a writing point of view the Aquatic Center closing was a major crisis for me.

As most readers will have worked out from my books, I love summer, the hot weather, the beach, and walking through national parks. For some years I’ve enjoyed swimming at a local, large Aquatic Center. One day as I was swimming up and down in my lane (the slow lane, sadly, not the fast lane, or even the medium lane), I started thinking that an Aquatic Center would be a mighty fine place to meet Mr. Right.

After all, there’s plenty of brawny, naked chests, quite a lot of young, good-looking, ultra-fit life guards, and lots of sweaty, delicious muscles in the gym. The only surprising part of my decision was that I hadn’t thought of doing it long ago.

So I started writing the “Wet and Willing” series right there and then (in my head) as I swam. I expected it to be a paranormal series, as I’ve been writing a lot of paranormal stories lately, but the characters stayed firmly fixed in the here and now, showing no unusual abilities, remaining stolidly contemporary. Hey, that’s okay. Half the time I just take dictation from demanding characters anyway.

But then the unthinkable happened. The management of the Aquatic Center announced it was closing so they could undertake a major upgrade, and all the members had to find somewhere else to exercise for the eighteen months construction would take.

Eighteen months! Didn’t they understand I was in the middle of writing a series of books? The readers would kill me if I took eighteen months off in the middle of it!

Fortunately for my peace of mind, we were given passes to another Aquatic Center, a little farther away, but just as big and exciting. So the series, “Wet and Willing” was written and are now all available for purchase. Thank goodness!

A Note from the Book Boost:  Love the story about the oven door!  Sounds exactly like something that would happen to me.  Oy!  Please tell us more about your latest.

Blurb (Adult Content):

Unemployed and homeless, Kendra gets a job at the local Aquatic Center. Her new boss, Osborne, is very yummy, but he’s partnered to Jordan. When she’s offered a threesome with two such delicious men, how can she say no?

And with so many opportunities to see their semi-naked bodies, being a good girl is not that easy either. Fun on the waterslide, a hot time in the sauna, slick, gleaming muscles in the gym...

When Jordan deduces that Kendra is sleeping in her car, the men ask her to stay in their guest room. She’s hesitant, but allows them to persuade her. Despite the best sex of her life, Kendra is determined to move into an apartment of her own as soon as possible, so she goes house-hunting. The men don’t like either of the places she chooses. She can’t risk losing her job but values her independence too.


“It’s a damn good thing I’m not too tall,” Kendra McIntyre muttered softly to herself as she untangled her body from the sleeping bag on the backseat of her old car. She peeked out the rear window through one bleary eye, pleased to see no people around but quite a few cars scattered about the cinema parking lot.

She sat up, slipping her shoes on, then brushed her hair and tied it up in a ponytail. Now to find a place where she could shower and change her underwear. The first three days after she’d been thrown out of her apartment because her roommate wanted her boyfriend to move in, Kendra had used a free trial gym membership pass. That was awesome because not only did she get to try out all the equipment, and use their showers, but also if she went early enough in the morning, she got a free breakfast as well.

The next two days she’d visited various malls, but washing there was problematic as there were too many people and no shower stalls. She’d ended up filling her water bottle with hot water, stealing the soap from the sink, and trying to wash in a toilet stall. Today she planned to try out the local swimming pool. For a start, it opened at six a.m., so she figured she could spend plenty of time in the showers and wash her hair as well.

Her car was almost out of gas, and her bank account was almost empty, but she’d have to put ten dollars of fuel in her car if she was to continue job hunting. The problem was everyone wanted fifteen-year-olds to do the type of jobs she was looking for—retail and hospitality. She still had two more funeral homes to apply to for a job as a professional mourner though. She was positive that being in her mid-twenties would be better than being a teenager for those positions. Besides, funerals almost always had coffee and something to eat after them, and her food budget was even lower on her priority list than her gas budget.

Her panties and bra were still a little damp. She’d washed them out the night before and laid them on a towel on the dashboard of her car, but they weren’t dry enough to wear. Still, she couldn’t leave them there in daylight. Hopefully, there’d be hot air blowers at the swimming pool and she could finish drying them then.

She set her cell phone to recharge as soon as she turned her car engine on. Every time she saw an electrical outlet, she plugged her cell phone in, but it was never long enough to recharge it fully. However, it still had two bars, so should last long enough to answer a call about a job. If she was offered one. Certainly she wouldn’t be using it to call anyone herself. There was no budget for that.

Dammit, she needed a job right now. Then she could get an apartment. Then, possibly even a life. She grinned at herself. Yeah sure. Men would fall all over themselves to date her. Like hell they would. She was at least ten pounds overweight, her hips needed trimming, and so did her hair. She sighed. No budget for a hairstylist either.

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Berengaria Brown said...

Thank you for inviting me here today.

Unknown said...

I'm a summer person too. This looks HAWT. Can't wait to read it!


Melissa Keir said...

Who doesn't love the hot sun and warm water! I'm so jealous for an aquatic center close by! I'd be there every day!

Your book looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Berengaria Brown said...

Thank you, Amber.

Berengaria Brown said...

Hi, Melissa.
If the evil day job wasn't a reality, I'd be there every day, too!