Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 22: Read1K Write1K Brews On

Feeling a Little Dissolvable?  
Give your book Another Good Stir on Day 22 

"The greatest part of a writer's time is spent in reading in order to write." --Samuel Johnson


What I'm writing?

Book: The Cable
Starting Point: Page 101
Today's total word count: 0

What I'm reading?

Book:  Hot Wheels and High Heels by Jane Graves
Starting Point: Beginning
2 Chapters Completed:NO
Today's Book Note: Ouch!

Kerri's Progress Notes:

How did I lose a day here?  I think I meant to log on and comment and thought I did.  Too much housework, too little time.  More on that on the Day 23 notes.

But Monday was a down day with the writing progress.  Bummer!


Barbara said...

What I'm writing: The Spring installment of my series, 3600 words.
Got a new title too.

What I'm reading: Out of the Shadow,J.S.Winn

Book notes--shapes up to be a good psycho thriller, quick read.

Beth Caudill said...

I'm kinda back. I had 2 weeks worth of lesson plans to writeup first. Took longer than I wanted.

Did some edits on the Assassin's Soul Prologue I'm adding, about 50 new words.

Reading - I caught up on 5 months worth of RWR's.

Had fun celebrating my youngest's 9th birthday.

Aidee Ladnier said...

What I'm writing?
Book: The Cabinet of the Dead
Today's total word count: 1260
Progress Notes: I'm about to reveal the speculative element that ties this short story to the upcoming novels.

What I'm reading?
Book: Across the East River Bridge by Kate McMurray
1K Completed: Yes!
Book Note: Ghostly possession--my favorite!

Today it was hard to write fiction as I spent so much time updating my social media with information on my short story, "Lawrence Frightengale Investigates" that was published in the Closet Capers Anthology released today! It's my second published short story and I'm so excited to see it in print.

Teresa Reasor said...

What I'm writing: Breaking Away
Word count 1125 words.

What I'm reading:

Mirth Murder and Mystery. It's a seven book box set that I purchased and I've started the firs book A Cutthroat Business by Jenna Bennett.


Cynthia said...

Book: Emma Whitewood (working title)
Today's total word count: 0 words

Book: The Dark Lady
2 Chapters Completed: No
Today's Book Note:

I will have to make up for my lack of reading and word count tomorrow. Tonight I had to run from work to take my daughter ice skating. I tried to write while I was there but it was so noisy that I couldn't hear myself think.

I got home and needed to catch up on some writing classes. It is 11:11PM and my eyes are wanting to close as I type. So, I am logging a 0 word count for today.


Lynnette Labelle said...

Day 22:
What I'm writing?
Today's total word count: 1,028 (and I wrote up some plotting notes for the next few scenes).

What I'm reading?
Chapters Completed: ch. 21

I’m getting close to the black moment in my WIP. Can’t wait to get there.

Lynnette Labelle

The Book Boost said...


You are amping up the word count as we round the curve into our last week! Good stuff!


Welcome back, Beth! Hey, you should see my stack of periodicals to get caught up on. I throw them away if I get more than 2 months behind. It just gets to be too much!


Congrats on the word count, but more importantly---congrats on the release! I will definitely check it out. You can count on it! Squeeeeee!


Back on track, I see. And the new box set sounds fab!


I had a day like this on Monday as well. It happens. Get back on the horse and ride on.


There you are! I got your e-mail and will be responding shortly. Behind on everything after my cleaning/cooking fest of Monday. More on that in my progress notes. Good luck on the black moment!

The Book Boost said...

I'm going to close comments on Day #22.